Size Guide

Measurement Advice when Shopping for Vintage Clothing

When dealing with authentic vintage garments across the scope of the 20th century, sizing can be even less straightforward than what we face today!

We provide detailed measurements for all our garments, to give you confidence in the piece being right for you. We encourage you to be familiar with all of your individual measurements while browsing our website!

Size Guide from DRESS, the Vintage Clothing Shop in Bridport

The important areas to measure correctly are the small of your waist, the largest circumference of your bust and hips, the width of your shoulders and the length of your torso and legs. Other areas to keep in mind that vary from garment to garment are skirt, bodice and sleeve lengths, as well as armpit and wrist areas. Comparing all of your height and figure measurements alongside those of the item are highly recommended. 

Vintage Clothing Size Guide from DRESS, the Vintage Clothing Shop