About Dress

Originally open in London’s Notting Hill in the early Norties, Mary has recently relocated her lifetime collection of exhilarating vintage pieces to a heavenly boutique in Bridport. Beautifully offset by the vibrant Dorset countryside, stepping into ‘Dress’ you will find rare pieces from places as far flung and diverse as Los Angeles, Capetown, Glasgow and Florence. From classic 1950's Dresses in velvets, lace or Horrockses cotton; zany 1970's co-ords and playful 1960's shifts, to 1940's Evening Dresses in bold floral silks, chiffons and crepes, all can be found in immaculate condition, each more fabulously unique than that last.

To add to the excitement, many of our pieces come from Mary’s personal collection that she sported through the 1960s, 70s and 80s; so we didn’t plunder the planet for these treasures, only Mary’s wardrobe! Among her library are pieces that lived through iconic 20th century pop culture moments like Hippie Haight Ashbury and Italy’s Spalato. These dresses have lived a rock and roll life from Eel Pie Island to San Francisco; each dress has an eventful history of its own.
Discover how Mary Moore built DRESS, in Bridport