May Musings

It seemed that May would be the perfect time to brim the shop with cottons and silks from the 1950s, to match the warm spring mood of the month…

Alas, the British weather had other plans. With sea mist and prolonged April showers we find ourselves waiting at the window for a sign of blue horizons. 

We’ve found the time spent waiting has given us the space to stop and truly appreciate how lucky we are, surrounded by such quality fabrics and dressmaking from an iconic point in fashion history. Textiles that have lasted for 70 summers and still come out feeling as fresh and reliable as ever before.

As attitudes have changed around fashion over recent years, the focus on quality and longevity has sadly been lost. A moment spent with Vintage pieces puts into perspective how well-made clothes can change how you feel.


Garments with depth and texture and intrigue keep you coming back for more, excited to wear them again and again. They feel as though they are giving back to us; patterns to get lost in, embroidery and ruffles, ribbon bows and lace appliqués, boleros and beads, they were never afraid to be generous in their offerings. With wide seems allowances and large turned up hems, these pieces can grow and change with us as we age. Restyled and reimagined with every new wear, we adore items that breathe life into an entire wardrobe and enrich the lives of those who wear!

Each piece is unique, with a history of its own. And we feel blessed to continue on their journey with every sale. Every picnic, party, prom, wedding celebration; from summer do to winter occasion, adds to the story they hold. Having pieces you can return to through life, and then pass on to daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sisters and friend to continue on a legacy of joy.

So we hope to inspire this month, with dresses to last a lifetime. Vibrant and celebratory sundresses in pleats and poplin. Chiffon and lawn blouses whites and pastel shades to pair with your favourite Vintage jeans or seasonal skirts. Light coats and jackets in stripes of silk and weave for cooling afternoons into cosy evenings. And of course, the shop isn’t complete without extraordinary gowns for unforgettable nights. 

Visit us to share in the wonders of Vintage fashion, and see what treasure may find its way home with you, to nestle a place in not just your wardrobe, but also your heart. 🩷