Into the 60s

5 years ago, Dress opened its doors on South Street and never looked back.

Hundreds of our cherished pieces sold, finding their homes in wardrobe far and wide; thereby given a second lease of life.

With so many wonderful friends and clients made and a fervour for Vintage like never before, we can’t help but reflect on where this collection all began for Mary… The 1960s!

We’ve decided to celebrate the notorious decade that captivated the nation with fresh style, joyful colour and new found fashion freedom. 

For the month of March, the shop takes us back in time with youthful exuberance in bold primary colours, geometric patterns and mod silhouettes.

A chance to celebrate the most iconic designers of the era. From recherche trailblazers like shirt innovators Deborah and Clare and Anna Cat, to familiar cult favourites Biba, Ossie Clark and Mary Quant. As well as the most desired labels with pieces from early St Laurent and Bellville

Featured alongside our pillbox hats and mary janes are some of Mary’s personal collection of Vintage Vogue Magazines from 1964-68, with invaluable snapshots and editorials of this monumental moment in fashion history.