April Bohemia

As we carry on through the decades, we transform the shop into a hippy haven of 1970s wonders, showcasing iconic designers and unmistakable styles from the era.

Known as ‘Queen of the Kaftan’, Thea Porter bought the bohemian look to London in the 1960s, and into the fashion vocabulary we all still use and enjoy today.

Rockstars, musicians and bohemia, from Getty’s to groupies; Porters clothes deceminated her iconic vibe. With fabulous dresses worn across alternative society, we are thrilled to have a couple of gorgeous examples shown alongside a pick of other boho trailblazers including Tuffin & Foale, Deborah & Clair and Biba. Exemplifying the use of ‘ethnic’ elements in their designs, they grounded the movement in organic prints and tactile patchwork textiles.

Alongside ‘The Godmother’ of Bohemia and her counterparts, Dress is thrilled to feature the allure of golden thread-work. With sparkle and glitter catching in the spring sun, it makes for utterly irresistible glamour.

Early lamé pieces from the 1920s, moving into embellished 1960s and 70s gowns, and a flash of 80s sparkle in black and gold shine. Showcasing exotic textiles from the Far East, Indian Shari silks and Chinese embroidery, we are delighted to bring together fabrics from across the globe.

For our colour focus of the month, we are happy to present a variety of lilac, violet and deep purple hues. From floral patterns on cottons and silk, to jewel toned chiffon drapery, we accent with fresh white bridal wear perfect for spring.

 And finally, a favourite lingerie and lace peach satin from the 40’s featuring an antique petal pink robe with metallic thread, floral motif and a myriad of satin buttons straight out of Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca.