A Fresh Look On February

February brings the clarity of the New Year into view. We have survived the aftermath of the Festive Season and spring begins to feel not so distant after all…

We return with a New Collection in sharp focus. Showcasing clean lines, crisp fabrics and modern silhouettes in bold, monochromatic colour blocks.

With a pallet of deep blues, radiant acid yellows, and warm neutrals, alongside textured blacks and whites in both evening wear and casual modern outfits. We play with a few frivolous prints in our spotted Polkadot 50s, and some 70s chocolate patterns on silk and velvet.

Debuting on January 7th, Season 13 of Call The Midwife is featuring a selection of 1960s pieces bought from our rich collection! It has been a thrill to see Trixie and Shelagh sporting our familiar favourites from Coats to Suits and Tea Dresses.