Striking into September

We love September…

Maybe it’s because of school days fondly remembered; that Autumn heralds a whole new year of friends, achievements and spells new beginnings.

After a summer of whimsy with light and airy dresses from the 1920s and Edwardian era we craved a striking change of pace.

Dress is celebrating with fierce colours, bold 80s silhouettes and our favourite 40s. Sharp power shoulders, cinched waists and saturated jewel tones in silks, cottons and jerseys.

Peppered into the mix we have a number of exceptional floral prints from neon velvet daisies to rich silk posies on contrasting midnight backgrounds.

To allow for the fickle weather we’ve kept some cool tea dresses to nestle side by side with a cosy selection of wool and tweed dresses, jackets and skirts from the likes of Nina Ricci, Valentino and Armani.

Of course, we can’t forget our lyrical, romantic side. With carefully selected fluttering chiffons and pastel floating evening and bridal dresses we have a rich selection of frocks to be enjoyed whatever your mood or occasion!

All these pieces and more will be in our Bridport shop until the start of October. Watch this space as we add a select few onto the website for purchase.
And to any future brides with a discerning flair for vintage delights, stay tuned for updates on our in store wedding collection soon to be announced.